I try to draw every day, because when I draw I connect with my experiences directly. Through drawing I express the gaps of language, I channel intimate emotions, and convert everyday details into something extraordinary.

Sometimes, drawing is a form of meditation. Some others, it is an exorcism of ghosts. My series can be dark, melancholic or sarcastic, but they also celebrate life and hedonism.

I was born in Menorca, surrounded by blue, yellow and white. My pallet is Mediterranean, but when I travel, like a chameleon, I take the colors from the new landscapes around me.

I'm working in Hangar.org since 2009 as producer and I draw and travel as much as I can!

It's said about me
BA in Fine Arts (Universitat de Barcelona), with postgraduate in Illustration (Escola Eina), postgraduate in painting and DEA (Universitat de Barcelona). She has been an exchange student in Université Jean Monet Saint Etienne in France, and Nottingham Trent University and Chelsea College of Art & Design – University of the Arts London in London.

Her recent works have been exhibited individually in Spain and collectively abroad. She has participated in Art Brussels, Pulse Miami, Art Cologne and the exhibition programme of the Galeria Maior in Palma de Mallorca.

She works in Hangar.org since 2009 and 2011 she is the head of the production department of the center.